NeuroShell DayTrader Professional v5.0

NeuroShell DayTrader Professional v5.0(forex expert advisors)

It's a 'Prediction and Trading Strategy' system.

Friday, May 22, 2009

EA Megatron

EA Megatron(forex expert advisors)

Autobots Roll On from

Fx Pro Expert Jacksen

Fx Pro Expert Jacksen(forex expert advisors)

Forex Expert Jacksen backtesting screenshot

Setting of Forex Expert Jacksen

download Expert Jacksen

Sniper Forex

Sniper Forex(forex expert advisors)

Sniper Forex is a manual indicator system that uses a precision algorhythm to  provide precise entry and exit points. It has been designed for  MetaTrader mt4, a market leading, widely available trading platform  which you can download for free using the links we provide you with on the demo page.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heart of FX Probability Meter

Heart of FX Probability Meter(forex expert advisors)

Generaly used as a confirmation of your own trading style. It gives you more confidence to enter or hold a position.


MULTIPLE 10x-POINT LIVE VERSION(forex expert advisors)

How to setting Multiple 10x-point live Version for your easy trading forex:

Settings for Multiple 10x-point live Version
Lots use the minimum possible
TakeProfit between 25 – 30 (EUR/GBP 20-25)
Pips between 20 – 30 (EUR/GBP 15-20)
MaxTrades Minimum 10
Multiplier between 1.6 to 1.8 (increase only for high volatile pairs and using FIBO_FILTER)

UseIndicatorsConditions if true, it will restrict the EA to look for entry points according
to the indicators status.
Otherwise it will
keep trading blindly without any indicator condition, kind of hedging trading. (never test it before,
but looks aggressive trading)

UseTrend_Filter if set to true, it will only keep trading with the trend only.
UseFIBO_Filter if set true, it will look for entries based on Fibo Levels, buy on support,
sell above resistance.

SecureProfit_$ example, if pending profit reaches $200 or above,
it will close all the opened orders regardless to which pair.

ShowFiboLevels, if true, it will show the fibo levels lines
(good for backtesting to understand the strategy of the EA)
ShowData, if true it will show all the instant information on the dashboard

To select desirable traders among the 6 traders, 1 or some or all.

StopTrading, for example, at some circumstances and at any point of
time, the trader wishes to stop opening new positions,
but still want the EA to continue trading with the opened positions.. then set it to TRUE.

Chamera3(Forex Expert Advisors)

Chamera3(Forex Expert Advisors)

Chamera3 trading group best EA

Elliot Wave Osc EA(choas series)

Forex expert advisors-Elliot Wave Osc EA(choas series)

Version = 3.0
TimeFrame = 1H
Pair = low spread preferable
lot = 0.01 dan 0.02

*do the backtest first

Tuesday, March 3, 2009